Friday, 13 May 2016


goblins bloody goblins every where 

well in a rare moment of no rain here in blighty i snapped off some pics of my goblin forces.
what i tend to do when starting an army is paint a random figure as a one off.then it usually it grows from one figure to bloody hundreds.apart from the units i have already posted before these were mainly converted and painted all this year as i am in a painting league on face book and i have to say its a big motivator.the other motivating factor was the 5oo pt k.o.w demo we had at the club.what i have now is a small force with a few interchangeable the future i will add some cavalry and maybe what ever else turns up.i would also like to add some trolls but the price they sell for it probably wont be for awhile lol
 also i must apologize about the state of the photos i usually have somebody else do them but hey i gotta learn sometime right .