Saturday, 7 May 2016



so what have i been up to these long months.well as it turns out quite a bit really.i played my first mordheim campaign and did well awfully really but i did thoroughly enjoy myself so a big thanks to the lads at the club for that .what club you might ask well i joined a gaming club primarily being a painter and modeller i don't actually know the first thing about using my figures for actually gaming and i thought i better put them to good use .so since posting last i have at played in no particular order,necromunda,mordheim and kings of war.with varying results lol.what i have learned is that i enjoy smaller skirmish type games.yep one squad against another in a desperate battle to the death.i have also joined a painting league which i have to say is a great motivator to getting minis done.and so far i am keeping up.anyway your not here to read this rubbish so here's some pics of some recent bits and bobs .enjoy and c and cs always welcome


these lovely lasses are mainly shadow run and a em4 biker.they came to me via a friend and had already been chopped  up. and were   looking a bit ropey.i replaced all the las guns with cut down versions and also found the leader with the chain sword and converted her up to add to the team.added some grenades and a few bits of equipment and voila a a small group of ladies ready for rucking lol.i tried to go for a spec op urban warfare type look for these ladies