Sunday, 24 July 2016


so shockingly it appears that i can sell my scenery and terrain.and following on from my last post 
i have been turning out terrain at a fair rate of knots.i have continued to make some more jungle ruins
and a large temple only regret is that i never get the chance  to actually set a table up and get a game in lol .so in case you were not bored to death of scenery pictures here is a load more to wade through lol.

enjoy kat                                                                                                                                                                          

so to start with some random ruins with on of the crew of my stir river patrol for scale
these are just simple pieces used for cover and line of site blocking.i prefer playing smaller skirmish games so when i make the scenery i have mordheim in mind.i also try to make the pieces as playable as possible .there is the whole look versus play ability argument going off in my head while i build but i think i have come up with a healthy balance,


    well that was a little teaser  know i am going to make a cup of tea and and decide what i am going to build next for sale i am thinking a dwarf settlement but who knows lol .
stay tuned to this bat channel