Wednesday, 16 November 2016


whats this a post.....
well its been a long time but i have not been idle just jobless and penny my insane idea to make and sell scenery has not been great but there is  a silver lining in every cloud so to there i am checking my e bay listings when i notice a message from a thoroughly nice chap asking me if it was possible to buy an unpainted version of the lustrian temple.not a problem so after a brief bout of messages i set to i wanted to make sure the client was happy i sent him regular updates of the progress of the build and thought that others might enjoy the pictures as well.the pictures that follow show the build in various stages .the reason for this post is to show others the build in stages.this version of the temple was made with both the buildings and roofs i finished the build last week end and the client should be getting it sometime this week i have to admit to being a little nervous as this is my first ever commission.i also asked the client to send me some pictures when he has finished painting it up mostly because my curiosity got the better of me and also to see another take on if i get the pictures i will post them here.any way enough chit chat here are
the pics .

so the above pictures show the initial layout before starting to scribe in the stone work.
i try to keep in mind play ability when doing this as i want the piece to be more practical than aesthetically pretty.