Thursday, 10 July 2014


well after a lot of cursing and head scratching I finally managed to pull some images of my dead lap top hard with out further ado I present some one off images of single figures.yay .Kat


for starters some elf's above is a marauder sea elf followed by a citadel original legolas

for the mordheim fans among us here's aenur possibly the most seen mordheim figure ever seen
must be the fact he was free in white dwarf .

one of my favourite elf's next I believe he is either marauder or citadel from the late eighties

and finally for the elf's this guy came to me in three bits. A bit of pinning and gluing later and he is back on his feet yay.

well that's it for the elf's hope you have enjoyed and as always c and cs welcome .